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Screenshot Ancient Myths - Big Foot/Sasquatch
History and myths surrounding Bigfoot.

Screenshot Arkansas Primate Encounter Studies
An independent researcher dedicated to unravelling the mystery of bigfoot sightings in Arkansas. Includes pictures, news, sightings, and maps.

Screenshot Bigfoot Archive
Archives and links to bigfoot articles. Includes forums, pictures, and movies.

Screenshot Bigfoot at 50
A skeptical review of the history of bigfoot.

Screenshot Bigfoot Chat
Includes message forums and live chat relating to Bigfoot.

Screenshot Bigfoot Chronicles
Contains sightings, links, and pictures.

Screenshot Bigfoot Crossing
Includes sightings, photographs, links, newsgroups, and historical information.

Screenshot Bigfoot Encounters
Includes news, sightings, stories, newspaper and magazine clippings, videos, and interviews.

Screenshot Bigfoot: Fact or Fantasy?
Includes list of sightings, photographs and videos.

Screenshot Bigfoot Field Researchers' Resources Homepage
Includes geographic database, theories, research projects, and tips on collecting evidence.

Screenshot Bigfoot In Illinois
Article about sightings in Illinois.

Screenshot Bigfoot In New York
Contains links, pictures, and information.

Screenshot Bigfoot Information Project
Dedicdated to advancing the understanding and acceptance of North America's great apes.

Screenshot Bigfoot Investigation Project
Extensive research and information, including pictures, links, and articles.

Screenshot Bigfoot Museum
Open forum for the Bigfoot Society to share research and information.

Screenshot Bigfoot of East Texas
Includes pictures, news clippings, submit a sighting, links, and information.

Screenshot The Bigfoot Research Network
A system to search for, document, and analyze potential evidence.

Screenshot Bigfoot Ring
Contains links to research, organization, and information sites.

Screenshot Bigfoot Searcher
Contains information, pictures, links, and reports.

Screenshot Bluenorth Research
Includes links, sighting submissions, pictures, and history.

Screenshot Central Ohio Bigfoot Research
Based in Ohio. Includes photos, investigation reports, report a sighting, and a sighting database.

Screenshot The Chattahoochee Bigfoot Organization
Probing the southern United States Bigfoot phenomenon.

Screenshot Crypto-Bipedal-Primatology
Includes information and photos from the Patterson film footage.

Screenshot Dan's Skunkape Page
Contains research information, pictures, and personal information.

Screenshot East Texas Bigfoot Independent Study
Offers art, links, field notes, sounds, and pictures.

Screenshot Friends of Bigfoot
Encourages cautious, ethical research of Sasquatch. Includes news, picture galleries, forums, articles, and links.

Screenshot Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
Contains links, stories, news, pictures, and information.

Screenshot The Honey Island Swamp Monster
Contains information and pictures.

Screenshot J. Vaughn's Bigfoot/Sasquatch Page
From Eastern Kentucky. Investigates the possible existence of the animal know as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

Screenshot Mad River Sasquatch Study
A study on the possibility of Bigfoot within the Miami Valley of Ohio. Offers information, news, and sightings.

Screenshot Michigan Bigfoot Information Center
Information on the Study of Bigfoot/Sasquatch in Michigan

Screenshot Minnesota Bigfoot
Information about Bigfoot and Sasquatch in Minnesota.

Screenshot North Louisiana Bigfoot
Sightings and contacts information.

Screenshot Northwest Bigfoot Research Foundation
Offers news, reports, and links.

Screenshot The Ohio / Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group
Conducts research in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Includes videos, sound clips, photos, and research information.

Screenshot Ohio Bigfoot Center
Offers FAQs, information, links, and photos.

Screenshot Ohio Bigfoot Research and Study Group
Conducts research in Ohio. includes research information and photoes.

Screenshot The Ohio Bigfoot Research Team
Offers pictures, FAQs, archives, research, links, and a message board.

Screenshot Operation Appalachia
Sighting reports from the Appalachian Mountains

Screenshot Oregon Bigfoot
Includes sightings, news, journals, a FAQ, links, and a sighting reporter.

Screenshot Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
Offers expedition and conference information, newsletter, forums, and links.

Screenshot Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Research Project
Contains links and sightings.

Screenshot Sasquatch and Native Americans
Indian legends about the Sasquatch.

Screenshot Sasquatch Information Society
Includes news, pictures, research, and interviews.

Screenshot Sasquatch Watch
Contains articles, message board, and links.

Screenshot Texas Bigfoot
Offers sightings, audio and videa, links, and information.

Screenshot Texas Bigfoot Research Center
Includes links, members, pictures, newsletter, and current investigations.

Screenshot This is Bigfoot Country: Washington State
Contains information, links, and photos.

Screenshot Virginia Bigfoot Research
Includes sightings, maps, information, pictures, and links.

Screenshot Waiting for Bigfoot
Jill Millers' performance art piece, consisting of camping in a Northern California forest and broadcasting the experience on the web while she "waits for bigfoot". Includes bigfoot and camp information as well as live video feed from July 2 through August 20, 2005.

Screenshot The Washington State Sasquatch Search Group
Chronicles the hunt for Sasquatch in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State.

Screenshot West Coast Sasquatch Research
Conducts research in British Cloumbia. Provides book reviews, FAQ, links, pictures, and news.

Screenshot Western Canadian Sasquatch Research Organization
Conducts research in Western Canada. Contains recordings, sighting map, news, and links.

Screenshot Winnipeg River Sasquatch Association
Conducts research in Manitoba, Canada. Includes sighting map, FAQ, research information, artwork, pictures, and links.