You will participate on a three day, three night camping trip in one of THE MOST ACTIVE LOCATONS in Kentucky! We've had four Class A (visual sightings) on previous expeditions!!! Also, a ton of return tree knocks, whoops, whistles, howls, trees pushed over, bluff charges, tents approached and touched....amazing interactions!!! Plus there have been dogman sightings in this spot!

This fantastic event is ideal for both experienced and novice Bigfoot researchers. We will educate the beginners and share research techniques with the veterans. Well-organized hikes will be coordinated each evening and day hikes will also take place. The trails range from easy to moderate. Some locations we will drive to and sit at a graveyard, or some people will stay at basecamp by the fire (we've had many interactions and a visual sighting at basecamp)!

Each evening we will gather around the fire pit to share information, tell stories, and go over the protocol for the night investigation. A guest speaker (TBA) will give an informative presentation on a Bigfoot topic. Afterwards we will deploy multiple teams to various hot spots. Teams will have one or more experienced researchers as leaders. Teams may switch up on the second evening. Some trails are short, some long, and a team will remain at base camp (depends on your comfort level). Red headlamps, two-way radios, thermals, night vision and recorders will be utilized. Sorry, no flash lights on the night hikes!

This event is for the SERIOUS Bigfoot enthusiast and NOT for the faint of heart!

Meals: Hot deleiciuos dinners and breakfasts provided!

What To Bring: Primitive camping gear (limited electricity) and your Bigfoot gear (include a red head lamp): GOOD NEWS: A port-a-potty will be available!

What Not To Bring: Firearms, alcohol, pets, or ATVs.

Fee: $200 (includes campsite, dinners, breakfasts, guest speakers, day hikes, organized night ops!)




* Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

* A Non-Disclosure Agreement, Release of Liability and Rules and Policy Form is required to be signed by all participants in addition to your payment. Forms will be sent electronically via email.

* A registration form is required from each individual participant.

* Payment and this registration documents must be returned concurrently or your application will be considered abandoned.

* We MUST be able to cross reference your registration document with your payment. Please ensure that names match or an explanation of business names used to provide payment are included in the comments section. If we are unable to do so, your registration will be delayed or your application submitted to the waiting list.

* Campers are not approved on all campsites. If limited camper space is available, approval must be obtained in advance and will be awarded a FCFS basis only.

* The exact expedition location will be revealed after payment has been received and the required registration paperwork is returned. Once all paperwork is complete, you will be invited to join the members only Facebook Event as confirmation of your place on the expedition. All information shared within the group is private.

* Cancellation Policy: In the event that you have a change of plans, a full refund will be provided for cancellations made on or before February 16, 2023. Cancellations made between February 17, 2023 and March 16, 2023, will be offered a $200 credit towards a future expedition. Cancellations made between March 17, 2023 and March 30, 2023, will be offered a $100 credit towards a future expedition. Cancellations made between March 31, 2023 and April 12, 2023 will be offered a $50 credit towards a future expedition. No refunds or credits can be awarded for 'No Shows' unless extenuating circumstances can be confirmed. Credits are valid for a period of one year OR the following 2 expedition dates; whichever comes soonest. If you can no longer attend the expedition, your place will be awarded to the next person in line on the waiting list. In fairness to all participants, your place may not be gifted to another applicant not included on the waiting list.


We're excited to have you join us and look forward to seeing you soon!

~ Lyndsey and Charlie



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