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Young Girl Spots A Gorilla?

Report submitted:
Witness: Charla (8 years old); submitted my mother Elizabeth (last name on file)
City: Versailles, KY
Location: 420 Scotts Ferry Road (across the street)
Date of encounter: 2-8-2015
Time of encounter: 2:30 PM
Number of witnesses: 1
Length of sighting: Maybe 10 seconds

Describe your encounter: “Taking daughter to a play date in the southern part of the county on the river side and she said she saw a gorilla but bigger standing next to a creek about 20 feet from the road. Said it was blackish/gray with very long arms, just like a gorilla, but taller. She didn't see its face because it was turned around.”

Sketch by Terry Thomas, KBRO Investigator & Artist

Follow-Up: 2-8-2015 and 2-28-2015

I spoke to the mother and daughter over the phone and a follow-up was also conducted on location by a good friend and fellow researcher. The mother said her daughter was traveling with her father to a friend’s house on Scotts Ferry Road. The dad was driving very slowly because he was reading the mailboxes looking for the address, plus the road conditions were dangerous due to the snow. The vehicle’s speed was estimated at about 30mph. The daughter saw a grey-colored “gorilla” standing 30 feet in the woods, facing the creek. When questioned by the mom, “What was it wearing?” Charla said, “it had no clothes on” and she did not see the face because its back was to her. The arms hung down to its knees. The hair was greyer in color than black. She could see the hair blowing in the wind. Charla also said she saw lines on its foot and hands. “Lines?” asked the mom. As the daughter kept explaining the lines the mom realized she was describing the bottom of the left, bare foot which was raised, and the palms of its hands.

Notes by fellow researcher conducted on location:

The mom wants to not believe, but the little girl tells the story consistently every time. The little girl asked her dad if there were any escaped zoo gorillas around there.

The height was estimated at about 10 foot and stood 30 feet away from the vehicle. However since the witness is 8 years old and the angle down to the tree from her car seat, it could have been skewed a little. When asked how wide its shoulders were, Charla held her hands out a little past her shoulders. Well, if you look at that literally it is small, but over a distance of 30 feet, it could be interpreted as four feet wide.

The squatch had its back to them and the left foot was cocked up like you see horses do when they are resting in a field. She could see the lines on hands and bottoms of the feet. She also noticed the wind blowing its hair ruffling across its back.

My insights:

I love the little girl’s demeanor, detail and consistency. And I love the fact the family has never watched Finding Bigfoot or other Bigfoot shows (no cable), thus the little girl had no prior knowledge of Bigfoot. I've received reports from kids before who have "bigfoot on the brain" - they tend to embellish their stories and are not consistent. Carla’s story was always consistent, from her first description to her mother, to the phone conversation with me, and finally when she spoke in person with the researcher on location. When I asked her specific questions like, “what did the head look like?”, or “what did its back look like?”, she paused and said, “like a gorilla.” Charla was very timid on the phone, very sweet and I believe her encounter to be credible. Plus the researcher, who interviewed them in person, actually knows this family and also believes them to be sincere.

Road looking west. The sighting was across the street from 420 Scotts Ferry Road near Grier Creek. The dad was driving very slow to look for the house address. This was directly across the street from a house. They did not stop here, they kept driving on to the play date's address.

Road looking east.

Yellow mark estimated the creature's height at about 10 feet.

Fellow researcher estimating the height with the help of the witness.

Note: We were not able to search for tracks immediately after the sighting due to a snow storm.

- Charlie Raymond, KBRO Lead Investigator


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