Bigfoot Damages Shed?

Witness: Dutch (full name on file)

Date: 7/2020 to10/2020

Time: Many incidents day and night.

City: Eli

Road: Hwy 1611

Describe Your Encounter:

The family of 5 moved into a new property in Russell County from Boyle County, KY and started remodeling a home on said property. The very 1st day strange things started happening, and it hasn’t stopped since.

On the first evening there the grass across the small country road from our home was very high, maybe 4 to 5 feet tall. The teenage son (13 yrs old) saw an upright figure walking in the grass. Its head was just above the tall grass. The teen said it looked like a monkey.

The shed that was supposedly damaged by a Bigfoot.

Then the entire family began to have daily incidents of sounds, movement just inside the woods, eye-shine at night, something hitting/slapping the home, and things being moved out of place, and something trying to tear the metal roof off of a shed. The most frequent sound was whistles, day and night. The family even began to return the whistling sound and to their surprise they would get whistles back.

The man had cut several trees away in the back yard and stacked the cut logs beside the house. One night as the mother and teenage daughter (19 years old) were returning home from work a huge log came from the log pile and hit the side of the car. The daughter said it was a log that came flying horizontal at the car from the wood pile.

Then the wife began to notice movement each night just inside the woods in back of the house so she began to hold her phone up to their windows facing the woods and snap photos.

She has obtained several pics of what appears to be eye-shine. Also some dark images can faintly be seen in the pics (these pics were observed by the investigator of this report).

Recently the husband bush-hogged the field across the road from the house to get rid of the very tall grass, he then walked to the edge of the wood line to observe the woods there and immediately saw a huge upright creature running through the woods from his left to his right.

The man told this researcher that he was a skilled bow hunter and could drop a deer that was running, BUT he could not have hit this huge creature because it was so fast. He was stunned and puzzled. The man described the creature as light haired, maybe grey.

After that one evening the wife was standing on the front porch looking across the road at the freshly bush-hogged field just mentioned above and saw a huge creature standing just inside the wood line watching her. Judging from a tree limb that was just above its head the creature was 7 feet tall. It was swaying back and forth as it watched her.

The husband also took 3 empty spray paint cans and threw them into the woods behind the house down into the deep ravine. A few days later as he was sitting in the front yard one of the cans was thrown from the woods across the road in front of the house and landed at his feet

Describe Creature in Detail:

The family describes seeing several different creatures, from a younger small one the teenage boy saw walking in the tall grass, to the huge one the Husband seen running through the woods, to the tall one the wife observed. These creatures range from grey, to brown, to black. No encounters close enough to give facial details.

Follow-Up Report:

I, along with fellow researcher “Don Adkins” visited this family around the 10th of October at late evening just before dark. Upon our arrival the family was absolutely sure that we were about to enjoy an evening of sounds, movement, and mostly whistles, without any doubt. They guaranteed us to be prepared to be blown away.

I 100% believe they were as sincere as could be, and they just knew activity would be starting soon because this had become such a constant thing for them.

I cautioned them that one can never tell, especially since there were 2 new people present which was out of the ordinary and may cause a different outcome. This comes from experiencing this on many occasions. Different people, different vehicles, etc. This can, and has, caused a change of pattern in many instances.

The family then began to make many whistling sounds in all directions and were immediately shocked at getting no response. They showed us around the property sharing all the different incidents in great detail, and with a lot of emotion. The home is surrounded by deep thick woods with many very deep ravines and valleys all running in the direction of Lake Cumberland.

This family was at first afraid of these creatures and the continual sounds but since then they have basically become a little annoyed at the constant occurrences. The family is also buying up more property on the small dead end road that they now live on. There was only 1 elderly neighbor living near the end of this same road, so the area is fairly secluded.

Don Adkins and I stayed a few hours with the family then we went farther down the dead end road and sat in the dark for a couple of hours listening with audio devices and using my “Flir” thermal camera. We did hear some possible distant howls of unknown origin, and I continually kept hearing a whistling sound which very much resembled a bird like sound, but no bird I had ever heard before.

Researchers Note: I wear a set of enhanced game hearing aids. Don Adkins did not get to hear these bird sounds as much as I was hearing them, I account that to my hearing aids.

We completed our nights research because we needed to make the 3 ½ hour back towards home. As we talked to the family before we left, they were genuinely sorry that nothing had happened and they almost seemed a little upset because there had been none of the activity, especially the whistling, that they had been experiencing almost nonstop.

They seemed so sure that the incidents would happen because it always did. I believe them and wish we had encountered a little more than we did.

- Don "Biggyfoot" Neal, Lead Investigator


Late 1960's

Nearest City: Jabez


A grandmother heard about a story in which a large ape-like creature which crossed Hwy 196 when she was in her 20's. A man on his way to work witnessed the encounter.

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