Curious Bigfoots Visit Family

Witness: S.R. (full name on file)

County: Marshall

City: Calvert City

Location: Private property.

Date: September 2018 to present.

Time: Evenings

Describe your encounter:

“We purchased this rural country home for its seclusion and for peace and quiet. At night it was totally dark and I mean black darkness (which I loved). I immediately began to sit on my front porch in the dark of night enjoying a smoke and the quietness. It was not very long afterwards that I began to hear movement in the woods across the road from my house. Something huge moving through the woods and not being quiet about it. Snapping and breaking limbs and twigs, crashing sounds. Then I began to hear whatever it was making "Whoop" sounds in the dark of night.

"Possible" track.

Later on at times I would hear it making mumbling speech sounds as if something was trying to talk (in my opinion). Then as Spring came and I began to grill outside I began to notice shadows and silhouettes in the treeline of what appeared to be a tall dark creature standing on 2 legs. Sometimes it was moving among the trees, other times it was peeking from behind the huge round bales of hay in the field. I only catch glimpses from time to time, but mostly when I am grilling.

One night as I was sitting in my living room I saw a large shadow pass across the front porch window which is very high off the ground. Then one morning I found what looked like a footprint in my yard. I began to Google these activities and found they could possibly be Bigfoot related. Lately when I was outside at night grilling or smoking there were small pebbles thrown at me, or at the storm door. Whatever was throwing them must have amazing aim and strength to throw them that far from the woods.”

Describe the creature with detail: “I have only seen shadows at a distance which resemble a tall upright figure.”

Further details or info:

“My wife has heard what sounds like children screaming and laughing in the woods at night. We have recently added light to our walkway and driveway, plus we had the utility company put a security light up on the electric pole in the yard. I also recently found some unusual hair in my barbed wire fence surrounding my yard. I gave it to your researcher. There is an old abandoned barn behind our house about 100 yards away and many times we hear strange sounds coming from the barn at night, and sometimes loud bangs as if something is hitting the barn walls from inside.”

Follow-Up: 6-5-2019

This couple had heard of Bigfoot but were not real believers. They moved into this rural country home seeking rest and seclusion but have possibly moved into an area with Bigfoot activity. Myself and fellow researcher "Don Adkins" visited them on site and heard their first hand accounts. We also asked them questions, sometimes repeated at certain intervals to see if we received the same answers. We did every time.

They seemed very sincere and curious as to all the events taking place. We asked the man to try and mimic the "Whoop" sounds he was hearing and he then did a perfect "Whoop" which we have heard many times before while researching. More importantly was when we asked him to mimic the mumbling speech sound and he made some sounds that very much copy the "Sierra Sounds" speech patterns. We were impressed.

The property is surrounded by huge tracts of woodlands and an abundant source of deer and turkey and various other wildlife. There is also a farm pond right behind the house offering a water source.

I sincerely believe this couple are experiencing Bigfoot activity at their home.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Investigator

Photos taken during the investigation:

Hair found on fence.

Marshall County, April -1990

Witness:Jan Thompson, delivery courier, was making a stop to a residential home encounters Bigfoot in Marshall County, April, 1990. This story can be found at the link below and is also listed on the BFRO site.



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