"I really should not tell you this, but..."

Witness: Dollie (last name on file)

Date: 9-21-2017

County: Hart

Nearest City: Horse Cave, KY

Time: 2:15 a.m.

Message received: 9-21-2017

"It is now 2:47 a.m. and I just got home from work. On my way home, my sister calls me, frantic, and about to have a heart attack. She cuts through Highway xxxx from xxxx to xxxx, KY. Just before she reached xxxx, she said she saw two large, glassy green eyes up ahead, and thought, "Oh, there is a deer." However, the closer she got, she realized that those eyes were very far apart and as she approached, something stood up with those eyes, and was about 7 or 8 feet tall! It was at the side of the road as she passed. She looked in her rearview mirror and saw this large form cross the road! This would have been around 2:15 a.m. She asked me what I thought it was and I said, "Oh, you saw Bigfoot!" of course, she yelled and said, No way!" She was so scared that I had to talk to her for a while as she drove on home to xxxx. She was totally creeped out. I told her that I knew just the guy who might be interested in hearing about this."

Sighting Location - Charlie standing where the creature stood.


Spoke to the actual witness via phone. It was early one foggy morning. Dollie was driving about 50mph on a two-lane country road. She noticed two large eyes on the left side of the road so she slowed down to 40mph fearing it was a dear. As she approached the eyes, a creature stood up from a crouching position, to about 7-8 foot. “The eyes were shiny, yellowish-green, larger than silver dollars and spaced about 6 inches apart,” explained Dollie. The creature stood about 10 feet off the road by fence post. Her headlights never hit it directly. Due to the heavy fog, only a vague outline of an upright figure was noticed. Hair, nor no any other detail could not be determined. Dollie looked in her rearview mirror as she passed and she observed the shadowy, upright figure run directly behind her vehicle, across the road.

She called Fish & Wildlife later that day and told them, "I saw a very large animal last night." They responded, "We've been receiving reports of a large animal in the area." Dollie replied, "I think it was a Bigfoot." The officer replied with a chuckle, "I really should not tell you this, but that's what people have told us."

Late in the afternoon on 9-22-2017 myself and another investigator visited the sighting location and spoke to the homeowner. He has no cows or horses. We found some possible impressions where the creature stood, but unfortunately no obvious tracks were observed. The homeowner has not heard or seen anything unusual, but will notify us if he does.

- Charlie Raymond, Investigator

Bigfoot Hit By Car – Government Cover Up?

Horse Cave, 2001

Hwy 218 AKA “Bigfoot Hill.” Across the road from the then “town mayor/undertaker.”

In 2001 a motorist supposedly hits and kills a Sasquatch on Hwy 218 late one evening. Many witnesses gathered around and had to be ushered off. A few witnesses snuck into the woods and watched EMT workers bury the body next to the road and scrubbed the pavement to remove an abundant amount of blood. The body mysteriously vanished the following morning. Thom Powell asked the witness to go back but the body had been dug up and the area heavily disturbed. The area has had numerous sightings over the years thus earning the nickname "Bigfoot Hill."

Source: The Locals by Thom Powell (p 232)

Note: This is not an actual grave.

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