Reports for Green County, KY

Frightening Bluff Charge

Sketch from another similar case by Terry Thomas.

Witness: Teresa (last name on file)

City: Pierce

Location: (address on file)

Date of encounter: Late Summer 2001

Time of day: Approximately 10:00pm (full moon)

Number of witnesses: 3

Length of sighting: A few minutes.

Interview 11-14-2015:

I met Teresa in person and she shared her traumatic encounter. She was visibly excited as she recounted the events that evening. She's told her ordeal to friends and family many times and each time she gets goosebumps. Not many people believe her and she told me a few times during the interview that she was relieved that "I believe" her and she thanked me.

Teresa was on the back porch with her friend Dave. Dave was goofing around and began making a series of “gorilla sounds.” To their surprise something screamed back at them from the forest. Every time Dave would make these “whoops and grunts”, something would respond back. The screams kept getting closer and closer and they could hear it breaking large branches as it approached. Suddenly a large bipedal creature appeared at the treeline. Since it was a very bright, clear night (full moon) it was apparent the creature was very massive and hairy. Teresa said she saw it reach up and break a large branch from the tree with two hands then began charging towards the witnesses. Immediately Dave pushed Teresa out of the way and they both ran inside the house. Teresa yelled for her husband who was inside to “get the gun, get the gun!” By the time the husband grabbed his gun and looked out the window, it had melted back into the treeline. Her husband only saw it for a split second.

Additional notes: The house sat high up on a ridge and the creature approached the property from a hollow down below. Located at the treeline was the family’s trash pile. The treeline in the backyard was estimated at about 400 feet from the porch. The area is surrounded by dense forest. Unfortunately her friend Dave has passed away and is not available for an interview. The sketch by Terry Thomas was from another case, however fit this encounter nicely.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

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