Hickman Bottoms Sighting

Witnesses: Cari and John

County: Fulton

City: Hickman

Date: 9-5-2018

Time: Around 8:00 PM

Follow-up phone conversation on 9-6-2018:

I spoke to both witnesses over the phone. I could hear the excitement in their voices. They were driving home with their small children in the car. It’s an old gravel road, basically in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest. They came down a hill and around a curve when the headlights possibly caught a large creature directly in front of them in the woods. Cari said, “It was huge! It scared the shit out of us!” They hit the gas and hurried out of there! It was maybe 15 feet in front of the vehicle, standing behind some trees in the dark treeline. It had bright yellow eyes and the hair was very dark, almost like a black shadow or silhouette. It was estimated at about 7 foot tall. They could see the outline of a hairy shoulder and the side of the body. As soon the car’s headlights hit it, the creature backed directly up amongst the trees. John added, “It’s a very rocky road so I was only driving 10-15 mph because rocks would flig up. I drove much faster of course after seeing it. There’s a creek back there, so it must have been next to the bank by the road. The eyes were spaced apart, about the same as a human’s.” The area is known as the Hickman Bottoms, which has many old gravel roads, and this road was supposedly an old indian trail.

- Charlie Raymond, Investigator


Photoshop Rendition


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