Lizard Man

Stephensport, KY - 1966

Sketched under direction from witness.

Report Submitted: 9/13/06 by witness Joseph xxxxx

Date: 1966; early Fall

County: Breckinridge

City: Stephensport, KY

Time: Approximately 1:00am


When I was around 9 years old living in Breckenridge County I had the most hairy raising experience of my life! One night while fast asleep in my bed I woke to a loud commotion outside my bedroom window, as if something hit the side of my house. I sprang to the window and looked out but saw nothing. So I ran to the living room and pulled back the curtains to the window of the front door and came face to face with the most strangest creature! I can only best describe it as a “lizard-man”, although the only “human” thing about it was the fact that it stood on two legs and was about 5’6” to 6' tall! As you could image we really startled each other! It quickly turned and ran for the creek next to my house and I jumped back from the window! I then ran to an adjacent window to catch a glimpse of it as it ran away on two legs towards the creek which was about 75 yards from my house. I lost sight of it as it disappeared into the darkness.


It’s was “very amphibious looking” with scales covering its entire body. I could definitely see that this creature had webbed feet and webbed hands. Its color was a dark, brownish green. What I remember the most about its face where these huge rows of gills which flared out on both side of the face. Its face was very “hard” looking with little dark eyes, similar to a snake or lizard. I can’t recall a nose or lips as the face to face encounter only lasted a second or two. There was this ridge-like feature which started on the forehead and ran back over the top of its head, kind of peaked at the top.

Other Information:

Our house is located on an acre where Sinking Creek meets the Ohio River. Sinking Creek originates 15 miles “upstream” in Big Springs, KY. An interesting fact, this creek is the only natural trout/spring fed creek in KY. Just past the town of Sample it disappears 12 miles underground (thus the name “Sinking Creek”) and then resurfaces in an area further upstream in an explosion of bubbling water. As far as I am aware, nobody has ever dared to dive far enough down to determine its true origin. This creek is believed to connect to the vast under water system which connects the many caverns of Western KY, the most noted being the caverns of Mammoth Cave.

Follow Up:

Witness appears to be very credible. He is now 49 years old, married, with two children in college. The details of his encounter remain true to his online report. He kept stressing how “amphibious looking” the creature was and it definitely ran on two feet. He added that its body was proportionate to a man’s but neither muscles nor genitalia were noticed. What struck him the most was how quick it was! To this day he still can’t ever image someone having a costume “that life-like”, not today, not 40 years ago, especially in the remote parts Breckinridge!

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Related sightings:


"Over twenty years ago, by digging into the back issues of the Louisville, Kentucky, COURIER-JOURNAL, I discovered one of those gems that has kept me pondering its meaning for two decades. The interesting little item was in the 24 October 1878 issue. A 'WIld Man of the Woods' was captured, supposedly, in Tennessee, and then placed on exhibit in Louisville. The creature was described as being six feet, five inches tall, and having eyes twice the normal size. His body was 'COVERED WITH SCALES.' This article now makes some sense.

"And then almost a hundred years later, again near Louisville, there are more stories of REPTILIAN ENTITIES. In October 1975, near Milton, Kentucky, Clarence Cable reported a 'giant lizard' was roaming the forests near his junkyard. Author Peter Guttilla described the creature Cable surprised as 'about fifteen feet long, had a foot-long forked tongue, and big eyes that bulged something like a frog's. It was dull-white with black-and-white stripes across its body with quarter-size speckles over it.'

"On-site field investigations by Mark A. Hall, however, indicated this 'giant lizard' RAN BIPEDALLY, according to OTHER Trimble County, Kentucky witnesses. The Ohio River is Louisville's, Milton's, and Trimble county's northern boundary.

"On 21 August 1955, near Evansville, Indiana, Mrs. Darwin Johnson was almost pulled forever into the depths of the Ohio River. In what seems to be a very close meeting with one of those creatures, Mrs. Johnson, of Godtown, Indiana, was swimming with her friend Mrs. Chris Lamble about fifteen feet from the shore when SUDDENLY SOMETHING GRABBED HER FROM UNDER THE SURFACE. It felt like the 'hand' had huge claws and 'furry' (or scaly?) palms. It came up from behind, grabbed her left leg, grabbed her knee, and pulled her under. She kicked and fought herself free. It pulled her under again.
Although both women could not see the thing, they were screaming and yelling to scare it away. Finally, Mrs. Johnson lunged for Mrs. Lamble's inner tube, and the loud 'thump' apparently scared 'it' away, and 'it' released its grip. Back on shore, Mrs. Johnson received treatment for her scratches and marks on her leg.

"Fortean investigator Terry Colvin passed on the information that Mrs. Johnson had a palm-print-shaped green stain below her knee that could not be removed, and it remained for several days. (Interestingly, Colvin learned the Johnsons were visited by an individual who identified himself as an Air Force colonel who took voluminous notes and warned them not to talk further about the incident. Of course, this sounds so similar to the 'Man-In- Black' encounter that is goes almost without saying.)

"For anyone who has seen CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, the Ohio River encounter of Mrs. Darwin Johnson is already familiar, for her attack was foreshadowed in that movie...

"1972... In March of that year on two separate occasions, two Ohio policemen saw what has become known as the Loveland Frogman. Investigated by Ron Schaffner and Richard Mackey, these researchers interviewed the officers involved but have not published their names, instead using the fictitious names 'Williams' and 'Johnson.'

"The first incident took place at 1:00 A.M. on 3 March 1972, on a clear, cold night. Officer Williams was on route to Loveland, via Riverside Road, when he thought he saw a dog beside the road. But when the 'thing' stood up, its eyes illuminated by the car lights, looked at him for an instant, turned, and leapt over the guardrail. Williams saw it go down an embankment into the Little Miami River, a mere fifteen or so miles from the Ohio River. He described the thing as weighing about sixty pounds, about three to four feet tall, having a textured leathery skin, AND A FACE LIKE A FROG OR LIZARD. Williams went on to the police station and returned with Officer Johnson to look for evidence of the creature. They turned up scrape-marks leading down the side of the small hill near the river.

"On approximately 17 March 1972, Officer Johnson was driving outside of Loveland when he had a similar experience. Seeing an animal lying in the middle of the road, he stopped to remove what he thought was a dead critter. Instead, when the officer opened his squeaky car door, the animal got up into a crouched position like a football player. The creature hobbled to the guardrail and lifted its leg over, while constantly looking at Johnson. Perhaps it was the funny smirk on its face, but Johnson decided to shoot at it. He missed, he figured, since the thing didn't slow down. Johnson later told how he felt it was more upright than the way Williams described it. One area farmer told investigators he saw a large, FROG-LIKE OR LIZARD-LIKE CREATURE during the same month of the officers' sightings..."


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