Reports for Bell County, KY

December 2004

Date: First week of December 2004

Time: a little after 9pm

Location: 461 between Sommerset and Mt Vernon, Kentucky

Witness: MAB

My friend and I left Sommerset and were looking for 461. I missed the turn as the road was pitch street lights and hardly any houses for light. I decided to do a U turn since there was no one around to go back to the road. I started pulling over to the shoulder and saw a dead cat. The very next instant I saw what I can only describe as a huge boulder with hair! There was no way to avoid impact. Impact did not happen. Instead, my car went up and over. Instantly after my car came to a stop a gagging smell filled the car. It was not the smell of hitting a rotten animal. It was a combination of smells but very nauseating. My friend and I became very ill in the days after. She was a month in recovering from the cough and lung congestion. We did not stay to inspect anything because of the smell. It was absolutely horrific. What I saw was whitish...all one color. There were no visible legs, arms, head, feet or anything. There was only a very large ball of fur. I pulled over at the first gas station and there was hair hanging off my tail pipe. The smell of the car filled up the parking lot and was very embarrassing. My car sustained seven hundred dollars worth of damage to the underneath and my husband fixed everything! I believe I hit a Bigfoot. No doubt in my mind. I know two people that have witnessed, on two separate occasions, Bigfoot balled up by the side of the road and a bike trail, respectively.

--B.M. Nunnely, Lead Investigator

Website submission on 7/5/09

1. Your first name::
2. Which county? :
3. Estimated date? :
4. Estimated time? :
5. What city, or nearest city? :
6. Length of time the encounter lasted::
'5-10 seconds'
7. How many witnesses?:
8. Please describe your encounter::
'well at the time me and a friend where working 3rd shift in Corbin KY so we would meet up at my house and car pool to work. We pulled out on to highway 25 towards Corbin and about a mile before crossing the bell co/Knox co line when we see something. i was driving along not really paying attention to much when all of a sudden my friend almost jumps in my lap as we pass by something that was big and hairy walking on two legs i swerved my truck across two lanes almost running back off the road on the other side. We were too scared to turn back and have really kept this to ourselves because we thought people would think where crazy.'
9. Describe the creature with detail::
'big with dark fur walking on two feet'

Pineville, KY 1966

BF seen at a place called Brown's Creek in Hen Holler on 'Bugger Mountain'. Why do you think they named it 'Bugger Mountain'?


Two teenage boys encounter tall, white colored BF.

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