Reports for Barren County, KY

Investigation: 9-13-14

Witness: Arthur (last name on file) and his grandfather

Date: October 2013

Time: Late afternoon, before dusk.

Location: Barren County (exact location on file)

I asked two experienced “BFRO” investigators (and great friends) to join me on this investigation. After meeting the witnesses at their home, all three of us concluded this report to be authentic.

Arthur was helping his family cut wood, deep in the forest behind his home. As he was driving to the location with his grandfather on a dirt road, Arthur sees a 6-7 foot tall hairy creature standing on the right side of the road directly in front of them, at approximately 75 yards. It appeared to be looking at the truck; then it turned and ran across the road into the woods. It ran hunched over and was covered in black hair. Its arms hung down by its side as it ran. Arthur recalls seeing more hair around the face and could barely make out the eyes and mouth. The hair on the creature was described as being “shaggy.” Excited, Arthur yelled to his grandfather, “Look! Look!” but the grandfather looked to his right and left first, thinking it was in the woods next to them, not directly down the path. By the time the grandfather looked straight ahead, he caught a glimpse of it entering the woods. The grandfather agreed that it was 6-7 foot tall, “hunched over” and it was covered in black hair.

I found Arthur and his grandfather to be very sincere and credible.

This location has had multiple eye-witness accounts over the years, with the highlight being an elderly woman who frequently fed a bigfoot in her backyard—many neighbors we spoke with knew about this possible habituation. Unfortunately the elderly woman passed away a few years ago.

Don Neal and Glenn Edwards checking out one of the nearby caves.

We camped in the woods that evening and our recorders did capture a few possible hand claps (or tree knocks), along with some tree breaks, just before dawn. We were asleep at the time.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

The Old Hope House:

As most of you know I’ve been researching Bigfoot for over 20 years. I constantly search for local reports here in Kentucky.

Mamaw, my mother-in-law, is 87 years old. She is a devoted Christian who is heavily involved in her church. She never watches TV, because she never has the time. She is as smart as a tack and absolutely loves conversation. She prides herself on repeating stories she’s heard and it doesn't matter how many times you hear the same story, every single detail remains firmly in place.

Mamaw is NOT a believer in bigfoot. As a matter of fact she feels I’m wasting my time chasing something that can’t possibly exist!

One day Mamaw begins to tell us about The Old Hope House which is located in Summer Shade, KY (Barren County). She said, “Well ya know, that Old Hope House is haunted!” I said, “What do you mean Mamaw?” She said, “Well when I was just a little girl, my aunt Paige stayed alone one night while her husband worked the night shift. Now this Old Hope House ain’t nothin’ but an old shack way back in the woods. It didn’t even have a lock on the door.” I replied, “No lock?” “Nope”, said Mamaw, “Just a latch on the front door.” I said, “What happen?” Mamaw replied, “Aunt Paige saw a ghost! It was about midnight and as she laid in the bed she saw a big, dark, hairy figure standing in the doorway to her bedroom. She said she closed her eyes tight, pulled the covers up to her neck and she froze stiff as a board! Then it walked up to her and rubbed it’s big ‘hairy’ hand across her face! By the time she opened her eyes a few minutes later, it had vanished.” I said, “Mamaw, that doesn’t sound like a ghost to me. You know what that sounds like to me don’t you?” “What?” replied Mamaw. “A Bigfoot! Ghosts aren’t usually hairy. Bigfoots have been known to enter cabins, especially an old shack way back in the woods. Plus, they are known to be more attracted to females. I believe that could have been a Bigfoot.” Mamaw shook her head, frowned and replied, “Nah! It was haunted I tell ya, haunted!”

The Hope House got it’s name from Mrs. Hope who originally owned the cabin. Mamaw thinks this occurred when she was about 11 yrs old.

Mamaw sharing her story wth me.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website Submission: 1-15-07

Your first name: Chris (last name on file)

Estimated date? 1-3-07

Estimated time? 4:00 am

What city, or nearest city? Cave City

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 min

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter: I was looking everything over to make sure that I got all my deer hunting things when suddenly I heard this loud screaming, so I remained in my deer stand. Then I smelt this awful smell like something was dead. It was then that I caught sight of this thing walking out of the corner of my eye. It was a round 25 yards from me.

Describe the creature with detail: Brown reddish hair, around 7- 8 feet tall.

Additional Info: When I heard the scream, everything got silent.

Follow-Up: 1/17/01

Witness returned my phone call and spoke with me at great length. He sounds very credible and sincere. He is 20 years old and has been hunting for approximately 6 years. On January 3rd at 4:00 am on a rainy morning, he went to retrieve his deer stand which was 15 ft up a tree in Lazy Acre Estates. As he began removing the straps, he was startled by a high-pitched scream. It was then that he sat in the stand and remained quiet and began to survey the area. A rotten stench began to fill the air, so incredibly strong that he felt nauseous. Then approximately 25 yards away he noticed a dark hairy creature walking from left to right in front of his stand. It was walking upright swinging its arms, much more dramatically than a human would. Its hands swung down around knee level, it had broad shoulders and a bulky body. The witness could not make out any facial details nor could he approximate hair length. He said the creature paused a moment directly in front of his location then proceeded to walk quietly 40-50 yards away from his tree stand. The witness has heard similar screams, 5 or 6 times over the past 2 years, while hunting on this private property located near Mammoth Cave.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

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