Hunter Observed Creature Twice

BFRO Report #71884




The Crooked Creek Creature

Witness: April (full name on file)

County: Anderson

City: Lawrenceburg, KY (address on file)

Date: October 1999

Time: 11:30 AM

Describe Your Encounter:
“My brother and myself were in the woods behind our home on Crooked Creek Rd. in a town formerly called Gee, KY. We were looking for antlers that had been shed from deer. As we were scouting around for antlers, I heard a loud breaking of limbs in the tree tips above us. I froze solid. My brother looked at me and said "what's wrong?" And I replied with "You didn't hear that!?” And the cracking started again, but was becoming closer and louder. Within the next few moments, something fell or jumped from the trees and took off in a weird long sprint! My brother and I looked at the thing and looked at each other and ran back to the safety of home.







Sketch by Terry Thomas

The creature was about 6.5-7 foot tall, had a hunch shaped back, appeared to be black and brown in color with thick black and brown fur. The creature made a weird noise when it saw us like a grunt scream. Hard to explain! After we saw the creature and it saw us, it sprinted away and appeared to be somewhat limping from the jump or fall!”

Follow-up: 5-17-2018

The witness immediately returned my call. At the time of her sighting, she was 10 years old and her brother was 12. They were in the woods behind their home, which was about a 10 minute walk. It was a Fall morning, partly sunny and the visibility was good. I asked a series of questions to determine if the creature was in a tree or coming down the hillside. She said the ground did slope upwards. They did see it as it landed on the ground, which was about the last 3 feet. It stood on two legs facing them, sort of hunched over a little. They stared at each other for just a couple of seconds. It was maybe 50 yards away, not really close, yet not too far. It had large inset eyes and a somewhat wide nose. It had a lot of hair around the face. The hair around the head was a lighter reddish-brown color compared to the blacker hair on the rest of the body. The hair was about the same length all over the body, “very furry.” The darker hair had some grey in it as well. The shoulders were wide and it’s arms hung very low. It turned very quickly and ran in the opposite direction, taking very long strides. April and her brother also left immediately. It took them only about 4 minutes to run back to the house. She asked her brother, “Did we just see that?!" He said “Maybe it was a bear?” She said, “That was NOT a bear!” Upon entering the house, their mother knew something was wrong. The kids told her what they just witnessed and the mother wasn’t too shocked. She told them not to go back there again.

Unfortunately her brother is unavailable for an interview.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

The Frazier Land Evidence - 2015

Multiple trackways discovered by a landowner. In a straight line with over a 4 foot stride!

Return Howl

During a night investigation we recieved a return howl after we made a howl. Turn your audio all the way up.

Listen Here

Tree Pushed Over "Immediately" After We Made An Aggressive Growl

During an investigation. Here's a recording from another team which were a few hundred yards away and were walking towards us. Earlier we heard growls so we walked down to the treeline and made an aggressive growl. Immediately after our growl a huge tree was pushed over!

Listen Here

The next day we found two fresh breaks inside the treeline
. There was zero wind and the trees were both green. One of these might have been the tree which was pushed over:


Return Rock Clacks

A little later that evening (after the tree was pushed over) we did a whistle and received 3 rock clacks in return. Managed to capture one one rock clack.

Listen Here

Return Tree Knocks!!!

After everyone left the weekend expedition, my wife and I relaxed at basecamp for a few hours. It was late in the day. We both heard a loud, clear tree knock to the right of the main trail. I tried knocking back but we heard no reply. We then loaded up the truck and drove down the main trail to the back of the property to retrieve our game cameras. We had to stop and walk because the trail became too narrow. As we walked we purposely talked really loud because we heard hunters on the far side of the property, just in case a hunter was nearby (didn't want to get shot). After we unhooked the cameras and started walking the back, I heard a whoop to our left so I told my wife who was walking ahead of me to, "Stop, I think I just heard a whoop." I made a whoop and immediately to our right we heard a light knock! I picked up a small stick and turned on my cell phone. Here's what I recorded:


Girls Sees Gorilla?

Report submitted: 2/8/2015

Witness: Charla (8 years old); submitted my mother Elizabeth

City: Versailles

County: Woodford

Location: 420 Scotts Ferry Road (across the street)

Date of encounter: 2/8/2015

Time of encounter: 2:30 PM

Number of witnesses: 1

Length of sighting: Maybe 10 seconds

Describe your encounter: “Taking daughter to a play date in the southern part of the county on the river side and she said she saw a gorilla but bigger standing next to a creek about 20 feet from the road. Said it was blackish/gray with very long arms, just like a gorilla, but taller. She didn't see its face because it was turned around.”

Sketch by Terry Thomas

Follow-Up: 2/8/2015 and 2/28/2015

I spoke to the mother and daughter over the phone and a follow-up was also conducted on location by a good friend and fellow researcher. The mother said her daughter was traveling with her father to a friend’s house on Scotts Ferry Road. The dad was driving very slowly because he was reading the mailboxes looking for the address, plus the road conditions were dangerous due to the snow. The vehicle’s speed was estimated at about 30mph. The daughter saw a grey-colored “gorilla” standing 30 feet in the woods, facing the creek. When questioned by the mom, “What was it wearing?” Charla said, “it had no clothes on” and she did not see the face because its back was to her. The arms hung down to its knees. The hair was grayer in color than black. She could see the hair blowing in the wind. Charla also said she saw lines on its foot and hands. “Lines?” asked the mom. As the daughter kept explaining the lines the mom realized she was describing the bottom of the left, bare foot which was raised, and the palms of its hands.

Notes by fellow researcher conducted on location:

The mom wants to not believe, but the little girl tells the story consistently every time. The little girl asked her dad if there were any escaped zoo gorillas around there.

The height was estimated at about 10 foot and stood 30 feet away from the vehicle. However since the witness is 8 years old and the angle down to the tree from her car seat, it could have been skewed a little. When asked how wide its shoulders were, Charla held her hands out a little past her shoulders. Well, if you look at that literally it is small, but over a distance of 30 feet, it could be interpreted as four feet wide.

The squatch had its back to them and the left foot was cocked up like you see horses do when they are resting in a field. She could see the lines on hands and bottoms of the feet. She also noticed the wind blowing its hair ruffling across its back.

My insights:

I love the little girl’s demeanor, detail and consistency. And I love the fact the family has never watched Finding Bigfoot or other Bigfoot shows (no cable), thus the little girl had no prior knowledge of Bigfoot. I've received reports from kids before who have "bigfoot on the brain" - they tend to embellish their stories and are not consistent. Carla’s story was always consistent, from her first description to her mother, to the phone conversation with me, and finally when she spoke in person with the researcher on location. When I asked her specific questions like, “what did the head look like?”, or “what did its back look like?”, she paused and explained in a sweet little voice, “like a gorilla.” Charla was very timid on the phone, very sweet and I believe her encounter to be credible. Plus the researcher, who interviewed them in person, actually knows this family and also believes them to be sincere.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Hunter Watches Two Bigfoots Cross Field

Report submitted:

Your first name: Sam (last name on file)

Estimated date?
Nov 2011

Estimated time? 5:00pm

Nearest city?

Nearest Road(s): Bondsmill

Length of time the encounter lasted:
10- 20 seconds

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

While deer hunting I saw 2 creatures run (more like a fast jog) across an open field, looking behind them intermittently. One was larger and mostly black. The other smaller and more blonde colored (dark coyote colored). After they disappeared into the woods I pulled my scope up to try and locate them in the woods and could only make out "movement". I waited about 10-15 minutes (getting dark now), went to the house for a better flashlight and my hand gun. I returned to the field and pond at the edge of the woods where they entered the woods but found nothing and was afraid to actually enter the woods.

Describe the creature with detail:

Extremely long arms and covered in hair from top of head to feet. Thick trunk (barrel chested) with no distinguishing facial features observable other than inset eyes. Taller one was in excess of 6 1/2 feet easily. The smaller one was only slightly smaller but lighter colored. They kind of glided as they ran...very smooth.

Any additional Info?

After thinking about it, I barely had any apples stay on the ground this year after dropping. I usually see tons of deer on this property and saw NONE this year.

Sketch by Terry Thomas


November 2011 around 5:00pm, witness Sam was in his deer stand when he saw two bipedal hairy creatures run across a field. The smaller one (about 6' tall) had “coyote color” hair and the larger one (about 8' tall) had typical dark, black colored hair. The hair seemed matted, not long or flowing-- maybe 5 inches long. They had extremely long arms. He said “I couldn't believe how long the arms were”, they hung very low just past the knees. As they ran, they did not bounce like a jogger, they glided smoothly. His first thought it was a couple of guys gully suits, but when he saw the long arms he knew it wasn't’t someone in a suit. The squatches were about 35 yards from his tree stand. They came out of the woods and ran across a field which was about 100 yards long. He estimates they crossed the field about 10 seconds. As they crossed the field they would turn to look behind them (3 times), twisting their upper bodies from the hip, never breaking their stride. It was as if they were running from something. The bodies were “barrel-chested, stocky, like a football player”, not much of a neck and the heads were shaped like they had “hoodies on” and “a little pointy at the top”. The eyes were “really inset”. The face on the larger one was darker than its hair color, however on the smaller one the face color matched the hair color. The bottoms of their feet appeared to be “like ours, but a tan/dirty color”. Upper torsos were very hairy, however the legs were more muscular and a little less hairy. No smell or sounds were noted. Witness said his property is basically a “deer sanctuary” but hasn’t seen one deer this year. He also has several apple trees, but has found no apples on the ground. Additional information: In 2006 his four year old daughter said she saw two big monkeys in the backyard; one seemed to be waving at her (or swinging its arm). To this day, she continues to ask, “Where are those two monkeys? Sam never gave this any thought until his encounter. He did return to the field the next day to look for tracks, however the ground was covered with thick vegetation not conducive to reveling tracks.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Cat Killer & Monkey Sounds

Interview: 10-15-11

Witness: Danny (last name on file)

Encounter Date: 10-13-11

Time: 2:30am

Location: Lawrenceburg (exact location on file)

Danny walked outside on his porch to smoke a cigarette at 2:30am. He hears what he believes is one of his cats, screaming at the corner of his long driveway. Quickly Danny grabs a flashlight and heads down his driveway calling for his cat. The cat keeps screaming as it heads across a creek and up a very steep hillside. Danny follows the sound down into the creek, all the while calling for his cat. "It became apparent that something had my cat. The screaming stopped as it traveled up the hillside and it sounded like it took its last breath. Whatever had my cat killed it. As I stood in the creek, calling for my dogs, which remained up by the house, I hear a very strange sound coming from where the cat was killed. It made three distinct vocals: like low a dog growl, then a who who who, then series of monkey-like grunts". Danny, a lifelong hunter, who's never been afraid to be outside, became very uncomfortable and decided whatever this was, was not anything he's ever experienced. As he made his way back up his long driveway, something large fell next to him, like a rock or maybe an acorn; he couldn't tell, but being nervous, it startled him.

It turns out the cat wasn't his cat, rather Danny believes it was a stray which he's seen on occasion.

Other info: Neighbors report hearing these same "monkey sounds". A cast was made of a strange three-toed track which was found in the creek.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator & Dana Raymond, Investigator

Mother and Daughter Observe Werewolf?

Phone call received:

Witnesses: Pam G. (mother) and Frances W. (daughter)

Encounter Date: 7-17-11

Time: 11:30pm

Location: (exact location on file)

Mother and daughter were driving from Versailles to Lawrenceburg late one evening. As their vehicle rounded a corner the mother notice a large, hairy, bipedal creature standing on the right side of the road. As the headlights caught the figure standing motionless, the creature then darted across the 2-line road. It took about 3 steps to cross the road. When I asked Pam to describe how it ran she said it kind of “glided” across the road very, very fast. It ran like a man on two legs. The arms hung low by the side and she did not notice an over-exaggerated arm-swing.

Pam stressed over and over again how “ugly and scary” it appeared. “I hope to never see it again and I definitely don’t want to go looking for it!” “It looked like a werewolf, like you would see in the movies.” She feared for their lives because it was so massive that IF it would have charged their van it could have killed them. When I asked her to describe the face, she said it did not have a muzzle, nor did it have ears on top of the head like a dog or a bear. The ears were not noticeable. It looked like a man’s face except covered in long black hair which needed to be combed or cut. Long hair covered the entire face except the eyes and nose. It did have “large eyebrows”, meaning a pronounced brow. The eyes did not shine nor glow and the nose was kind of like a man’s, maybe a little wider. The little amount of skin around the eyes and nose appeared to be dark or black. It stood about 7 feet tall, had wide shoulders and was completely covered in long black, unmanaged hair. The hair was dull and had no shine to it. No details of the hands and feet were noticed as they were covered in hair as well. It entire sighting lasted less than a minute. After speaking to Pam, I then spoke to Frances. She also added “it looked like a werewolf in a movie.” It looked “half man, half animal.” Since the windows were down in the van, when they drove by the spot where it had crossed, it could be heard crashing through the woods and they did notice a musky odor.

Both witnessed stated that this area has plenty of deer and since they travel this road often they tend to slow down for fear of hitting a deer. The KY River and the county dump are nearby. They have not told anyone for fear of being ridiculed, which is understandable. I was this first person they contacted. They both seemed pretty shaken up by their ordeal and never want to see it again. I of course told they were lucky to have such a sighting and don’t worry, they’re not dangerous. I doubt I eased their fear. I do strongly believe they both are highly credible witnesses. The “gliding” across the road is typical how witnesses describe how a Bigfoot runs. I try to never lead witnesses in my questioning; rather my questions tend to be open-ended.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

The Father's Day Incident

Report submitted:

Your first name: Lou (last name on file)

Which county?

Estimated date? June 19, 2011

Estimated time? 6pm

Nearest city? Glensboro

Nearest Road(s): State hwy 248

Length of time the encounter lasted:
10 min

How many witnesses? 3

Please describe your encounter: On Father's Days June 19, 2011 at 6pm we were all fishing in the back waters of Taylorsville Lake. We were looking at our fishing lines when we heard a loud sound of limbs breaking behind us I look up and seen a rock flying though the air above some broken trees, it hit the ground 100 feet from us and rolled to a stop by the water. There was a loud sound of limbs breaking and trees shaking and then two loud grunts and something running through the woods. It stopped about 100 feet west of where it started then a few min later we heard another grunt and more trees shaking and something running away. I then walked over and pick up the rock and it took everything I had to caring it back to where the other were standing , I could not throw this rock it was so big, it weight 50+ pounds.

Describe the creature with detail: I did not see the creature but the sound of the grunts were very deep and loud.

Any additional Info?
I did get a picture of the location and in the picture you can see the small trees it broke over and a picture of the rock.

Follow Up: 6-22-11

The witness actually called me for a follow-up interview, as he was disturbed/excited by his encounter. Around 6:00pm on Father's Day the witness went fishing at Taylorsville Lake with his wife and son. After an hour of fishing from the bank, something huge came "crashing down" through the forest on a nearby ridge, breaking large branches, producing heavy footfalls, emitting loud, deep grunting sounds. As the family turned and watched the dense woods in disbelief, the father sees a large rock fly through the tree tops and land about 100 ft from the witnesses. In shock, the family remained motionless, questioning each other on what just occurred. I few moments of silence go by, then the witnesses hear the grunts and footfalls move away from their location, along the ridge. Then after about 30 minutes of silence, the witnesses hear an "ahhh, ahhh, ahhh" vocalization on the opposite side over the cove they were fishing. At this time it was decided to leave the area, as the path to their vehicle was close to the location of the initial "bluff charge". No visual of what, or who, made the commotion was ever determined.

The rock was said to "fly through the tree tops" and it's estimated weight was 50lbs (the witness picked up the rock).
Pieces of the rock broke off as it hit the ground. The moss on top of the rock indicates it was pried from the hillside
then tossed.

The top arrow shows a knocked-over tree. The bottom arrows indicate branches on the ground.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

The Frazier Howl Heard Again

Report submitted: 11/4/09

Your first name: Tim

Which county? Anderson

Estimated date? Nov 1&2, 2010

Estimated time? 0100

What city, or nearest city? Glensboro

Length of time the encounter lasted: 2 min

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:
I was on my porch taking a leak, as my wife was using the bathroom and I was listening to the calm of the night and heard in the distance a "moan-howl" that was very long in duration for a normal howl and weird in sound and note. I also noticed a dog in the distance bar king. I live in a valley and the noise sounded as if it was coming somewhere up on top. I contacted a friend who was into Bigfoot and he suggested I record the sound. The next night at 1:00am I heard it and it seemed that this time there was a direction it was coming from and again there were dogs barking, but the note of the moan and the duration was shorter. I've listened to the Mississippi Howls and the two note up and down of the moan was longer, staying at one note before changing to the deeper sound. I was unable to record the sound due to not having a sufficient device. I am familiar with the vocalizations of animals and owls --this defiantly was diff rent and very well could have "possibly" been a sasquatch sound.

Additional Info: This is my first time with any evidence.

Follow-Up: 11/4/09

Witness seems very credible and sincere. He has agreed to try and use his camcorder to record future vocalizations. Here is what he had to say,
"I had came home from a re-enactment this day and upon getting home was tired and didn't feel like unloading my gear. At the time I was going to bed I didn't want to leave my stuff in my car so I went outside to unload at about 10 min till midnight. As I walked off my porch I heard (after the event I remembered this) a "home run" style woodcock/tree knock that I laughed at to myself because I didn't regard it in anyway because it was about 300 yards off or so or maybe closer. Anyway, as i was loading gear in my box to carry in the house I heard clear and unmistakenly a load moan up and down in two note style that sounded dead on the "frazier howl" or "those we do not speak of" from The Village movie by M. Night Shaylmalon. When I heard this I immediately went inside my house and screamed at my wife to come outside to witness myself I then went back outside and my neighbors dogs where going crazy we then heard another moan "more on top" because I live in the valley and it may be the same creature or another calling back. If the same then he was on the move going more deeper into the woods and cedar thickets. My wife stated after I went inside to get my digital camera and getting my wife a blanket to wrap up in, she stated she had heard that it sounded as if one of the dogs was being killed. I recorded 1:07min of sound but only recorded the dogs going nuts. I no more heard anything else. After we went inside after about 10 to 15 minutes she asked if the cats where in and if I had a gun. (I traded a lot of guns and such at times) We then agreed to raise the bedroom window and listen.but we didn't hear anything. When I heard the howl/moan it was a funny feeling of fear like; This is no sound file on the internet this is REAL, then I imagined what it would have been like to see such a creature walking across my bottom toward the house and wasn't funny anymore. The weather was low 60's and a full moon directly above and it was bright outside for it to be midnight by a quarter after 12 we were inside. I had previously contacted the BFRO, Kentucky Bigfoot, and also Philip Spencer regarding some vocalizations I had heard about 1 am around the second of this month. I am trying to record these sounds and will be doing more investigation regarding these sounds, (going into the areas I can looking for sign). It is deer season and I believe that after these hunters disturb their areas they react much like "turkeys" because they are vocal like them. You bust a flock up and then in about 20 minutes or so they are clucking trying to locate/regroup. The last time I heard these sounds was on a Sunday night. This too was Sunday night, think about it, Weekend deer hunting pressure makes them disperse then the quite of no traffic and sounds (lack of activity due to people going back to work Monday) provides them a perfect time to use the "still of the night" to max out their range of vocals to get the family, or such, back together or locate others. This is all conjecture of course. but makes sense to me."

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Something Big Circles Tree Stand

Report submitted: 1/18/07

Your first name: Aaron (last name on file)

Which county? Anderson

Estimated date? 12-05-06

Estimated time? 6am

What city, or nearest city? Lawrenceburg

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:
I was going deer hunting and it was early, before dawn it was a little foggy and the temperature was changing to colder. i walked into the opening near my dear stand and i heard footsteps behind me. i then heard what sounding like screaming. Real low-pitched sounding almost a growl. I got to the dear stand and climbed up. For about 10 minutes, it (whatever it was) circled the tree where i was and made these sounds. I would have shot at it but never could see it because of the fog. I don’t think it was any animal I know of. I stayed there until about 10am and left. On the trail back, i noticed there were branches broken off about chest high and i felt like someone was watching me the whole way.

Describe the creature with detail: I did not see it but i heard it and smelled it. There was a terrible skunk smell and the loud growling.


Witness has never heard of any sightings in Anderson County until researching and finding this website. He did not see any footprints the area because it was very grassy. During the summer he camped in the same area and smelled the same smell and heard what sounded like footsteps late at night around the campsite. He was so frightened that he would not look outside his tent. This was on the same farm near Wildcat Road. He doesn't feel safe going back there without a gun at "any" time of day. This farm is owned by his father-in-law and he's very strict about people coming on the property, otherwise he would invite researchers to come out and investigate. He seemed very sincere, credible and eager to learn more about bigfoot. He would love to help find one, not to shoot one, but to help us learn more.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Road Crossing Spooks Boy

Report submitted:

Your first name: Zachary

Estimated date? June 2006

Estimated time? 11:00 pm

What city, or nearest city? Lawrenceburg

Length of time the encounter lasted: 5 mins

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:
I was driving on a back road and as I came over a hill I saw a big animal on the side of the road as I slowed down to see what it was it slowly walked across the road, I went home and right a way my mom new something was wrong I was pail and was soaked by sweat. I swear I saw what I saw!

Describe the creature with detail: Tall black and it was took dark to tell .

Additional Info: Slow walking with long arms.

Screams and Tree Breaks

Report submitted: 5/11/08

Your first name: B

Estimated date? Nov 2000

Estimated time? mid-day

What city, or nearest city? Lawrenceburg

Length of time the encounter lasted: couple of minutes

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:
I was deer hunting off of Wildcat Road on the edge of an old field when I heard something large crashing through the woods towards me on the other side of the field. Not a deer. Sounded much bigger & deer don't snap off branches and large sticks the way this thing was doing. Just before it would have entered the field where I could see it, the "thing" stopped and issued the loudest, scariest SCREAM I have ever heard - and I've been roaming the woods for over 40 years now. Best description I can give would be somewhere between an elk bugling and a wild pig squealing and it sounded angry. I know that's applying human attributes to it but that's just how it sounded. That first scream lasted maybe 5-10 seconds. Then another scream began and I heard whatever-it-was crashing through the woods back in the direction it had come from, moving very fast and continuing that second long continuous scream. It was moving so fast that you could hear the sound of the scream fade as it moved away - kind of like the whistle of a train. I could hear it for maybe 15-20 seconds before the scream and crashing faded away completely. On the same farm, there was an area near an old tobacco barn where we always felt like something was watching us. And if we walked our (BIG) dogs back there, they'd become nervous & scared to the point of tucking their tails. Those are the only times I ever saw them that nervous. Also found a large pile of scat back there once that I couldn't identify. No bears in the area but this was a large pile of solid feces containing some fur and lots of seeds, possibly persimmon. Not coyote, not fox, not domestic dog - I don't know what it could have been from. Have seen injured deer in the area with what looked like large claw marks on their sides and something caused similar injuries to a horse in the area as well.

Describe the creature with detail: Did not see anything but whatever it was sounded huge.

Additional Info: There has been much development in this area since then. That farm is still undeveloped (and is currently uninhabited) but many of the surrounding farms have been subdivided & homes have been built on 5-10 acre tracts.

"Howdy" AKA “The Cedar Brook Howdy"

First observed in the 60’s by Mr. Tindle and others. Same behavior observed in 2011 by two teenage girls who just moved to KY from Florida (interviewed by Jack Smarr of the BFRO).

Sketch by Terry Thomas

BFRO Report

Date of encounter:
October, 1993

Father and son have a daylight encounter while deer hunting near Lawrenceburg.
(source: BFRO)

Report also taken by Philip Spencer (see below on this page) and a recenrt video interview by Charlie Raymond.

Philip Spencer's Reports

"This is a collection of Bigfoot sighting and interaction reports which I have put together to show how active Anderson County has been over the years."

- Philip Spencer, Bigfoot Researcher

1: Man finds huge track and takes picture in 2007

"For the sake of anonymity the farmer will be known as The X Farmer"

In 2007 on a farm on the Harry Wise Road in Anderson County Kentucky a man and his wife were sitting on the porch relaxing after a long day and discussing the day’s events. His wife decided towhead inside and go to bed. The X Farmer sat on the porch in his old rocking chair and listened to the sounds of the night, crickets chirping, a bird making a sound every now and then, a dog barking in the distance, and even far away the sound of a lone car or truck was moving along a road somewhere. As he sat he realized everything had become very quiet. Everything had not only become quiet but it had become a little too quiet. He eased up in his chair and listened intently for any sounds that might tell him why everything else had gone silent. As he sat he heard something move in a creek approximately 150 feet from his porch. He could hear large limbs being moved or stepped on. He could tell from the heavy sounds they made that something was stepping on them or moving them and letting them hit the ground. He then heard something that chilled him. He heard deep breathing, not really labored breathing, but deep breathing. This breathing sounded like it was coming from something very large. It did not sound like the breathing of a person or any animal he had ever heard in the outdoors. There was something very different about this sound. The X Farmer sat and listened as whatever this was made its way down the creek then moved out of hearing distance. He eased up from his chair and went inside and picked up a shotgun and walked back outside. This was more a ceremonial move as he was sure whatever this was had moved on, but he stood on his porch in the dark and listened and watched for a while. He soon turned and went back inside and retired for the night. The next morning as soon as the chores were done he went directly to the area of the creek where he had heard the sound the night before. It had rained slightly and the ground was wet enough to capture a good track so he had high hopes that whatever had moved through the night before making those sounds had also left some tracks. He looked in the area of least resistance where he thought something might have moved through. It was in the third such section that he saw something on the ground, and realized he was looking at a huge footprint. He stopped and looked closely and became extremely excited. He turned and quickly went back to his house and picked up his phone and called me. When he told me what he had found I asked him if he had marked the place where the tracks were. He replied no,he got so excited he forgot to mark the exact location but he said he felt sure he could find it. I told him to hang up the phone immediately, grab a camera and a measuring device and go straight to the spot and take pictures and measurements and if he had anything to make a cast of the tracks to do so. He hung up and did as I had instructed him to do. When he returned to the area he could not find the original track which he said was much more distinctive than the two he took pictures of. The track he photographed is of a right foot. The foot measures from tip of heel to tip of large toe approximately 20 inches. The pictures are not the best for showing the track even though the ground was muddy; the ground was also covered with leaves and just did not take the imprint as well as we hoped it would. However, I had The X Farmer draw an outline of the foot as he saw it and superimpose his outline over the actual photo of the foot. The large toe is a point of interest. From his outline he thinks the creature slipped and this is the toe imprint showing slippage and that explains the odd enormity of the big toe imprint. In his outline he also drew inwards in the area of the arch. He said he thought the creature was leaning or doing something that made it rise off the arch and dig the big toe into the mud resulting in the extended looking big toe. As anyone can see this is an enormous track.

2: 1970 Sighting by Philip Spencer

The part of the country where I lived was just beautiful, surrounded by rivers and streams and creeks, valleys and heavy woodlands, my friend and I loved the outdoors and all the animals one could encounter in this area, we would often go out late at night into the valleys and drive down the old roads and take a powerful spotlight and shine it back threw the valleys along the river bottoms and look at all the deer and other animals we could spot, and for all you hunters and anyone thinking we were spot lighting deer, we were not. One night we were in a remote part of the county, driving along an two lane road near the town of Glenboro in rural Anderson County Kentucky, on the left of this road was a small river, actually shouldn’t have even been called a river, it was maybe 100 yards wide at its widest point and maybe 20 feet deep at its deepest point, yet it ran for almost 100 miles, and was just so beautiful and on the sides of the river were open flat bottoms, rich & lush , but many were not covered with trees or brush and this is where you could see large herds of deer at night. We drove to a place on the road where the road went up and at this point one could shine the light down into a large open area where the river made a turn and headed west, this was an excellent place to see animals, I was holding the spotlight, I seem to remember it was 1 million candle power, I was the passenger with my friend driving, I was holding the light out the window and pointing it over the car top and shining it threw the valley as we drove slowly along. We were looking at all the deer in the valley and then as I swept the light along we saw something odd, it was hard to tell exactly what it was at first, my friend stopped the car and I put the light on the area where we saw this large shape, it was then it turned and looked in our direction, we saw two huge eyes, they were about 4-6 feet above where any of the deer eyes were and they had this reddish orange glow to them. We both looked at each other and my friend then pulled the car to an old gravel road and we turned around and pulled over at the same place we had been, now I was on the side where I could work the light better. I swept through the valley looking for the dark shape, I finally saw it and it was moving, moving down the valley , as it moved and I held the light on it, it would turn its head and look back at us, we would see those large eyes as it did. It was very easy to tell this was a creature with two legs and it was walking (briskly) upright, the way it turned its head reminded one of a person doing the same as its upper body turned slightly with the head. This creature was approx 8 to 10 feet tall, it was large and bulky, both my friend and I were experienced outdoorsmen and this was not anything we had ever seen before, the creature moved down the valley in the open area till it was out of sight. We watched as this creature stepped over an old fence which I would say was 3 to 4 feet tall, it never broke stride it just stepped over the fence and vanished into the night. We cannot say what this was, but we can say what it wasn’t, it wasn’t a bear or a person, those deer would have been long gone if it was either of these, and the deer only moved away from this creature as it moved away, they never panicked and ran. In this same area several years later I was walking down the old rock road, which is referred to as River Road and was going to fish the river. As I was walking along suddenly to my right and up a steep hillside I heard a loud crashing in the thick woods on the hill. Suddenly a very large doe came down the hill side as hard as she could go and jumped the road and then jumped in the air down a very steep and tall incline and into the field and ran as hard as she could go out of sight. I stood and thought what in the world scared that deer so bad. It was then I heard something moving up on the hillside. As I stood and listened i realized that whatever this was walking on two feet and to me it sounded like it was large as it walked, somewhat a walk that inferred to me something with great weight was moving on that hillside. I listened as it moved and I decided to move also, I decided I would much rather be in an open area and I moved down the road and honestly I was hoping to see this creature as I suspected this was the same Sasquatch I had seen years before. I came to an open area where on the right was a little shack with a creek to its left and the end of the hillside where whatever this was had been walking. The creature had beat me to the place and there was no sight of anything other than a log on the hillside was freshly moved and I have always suspected this was wear the creature put his foot and it slid, this was not a small log and it was old and embedded but something big had made it move and it was fresh disturbance. I never saw anything and found no tracks. But I will always believe this was the same creature I had seen walk through the River Bottom of Salt River near Glensboro in Anderson County.

3: Boy & Girl See Bigfoot Sitting on Log

This story was reported to me and was second person told. The person who told me this was a close friend with one of the witnesses and spoke with the witness for me as I wanted to do an interview with one of the witnesses however, this sighting had such a negative impact in this person that they did not want to talk about it, at all!
The brother and sister lived on the Harry Wise Road in Anderson County Kentucky, one day they were walking down a path behind their home as they had done many times before and as they turned a corner they were both frozen in their tracks by what they saw. Sitting on a log was a Bigfoot. They said the creature looked at them and then got up and turned and walked away.

4: Two men see Bigfoot walking on Ridge in Anderson County Kentucky in 1970's.

Bruce Young and his friend decided it would be a good time to go for a ride and enjoy the late afternoon while riding the back roads of Anderson County. As they rode along they talked about cars, hunting and girls. As they were cruising down Hammond Creek Road Bruce glanced up and as he did he saw something moving along the top of a hill. He stopped the car and told his friend to look up there and see what he was seeing. Bruce jumped out of the car and stood staring at the middle line of the hill and this creature he was watching move along the top. It was just after sunset but there was plenty of light to see this creature. He described it as being seven feet tall or more, huge in size and to him it looked like a massively built, hairy, manlike creature.
He stood for what he thought was maybe 30 seconds watching the creature move along. Bruce was approximately 50-60 yards away and he said as he watched he realized he was having what is known as, "goose bumps” appear all over his body. Bruce said the creature moved in what he described as an easy gait, and the hair was long and dark brown. Bruce Young viewed nature much differently after that moment. His thoughts on life and nature were altered. He was a changed man, and what changed his life was a huge, hairy, manlike creature known as Bigfoot.

4: Elderly Couple See Large Creature walking tree line late 1990's.

The elderly couple had lived on the Harry Wise Road for over fifty years and the man was an avid outdoorsman and hunter. This story was told to me by a friend of the couple and not from the man himself as when I was in Kentucky and had the opportunity to go and interview the man in person, he was sick. He is in his late 80's. One afternoon as the woman was in the kitchen she saw something back in the field moving along a tree line and she called her husband to come and look. The man watched closely as this animal walked along the outer edge of the tree line. With eyes sharpened by spending his life outdoors he watched until the creature moved back into the woods and was gone. This sighting was in the late afternoon. When he would tell the story of what he saw he would say it was a bear walking on its back legs as that just had to be what it was, however, he also would say it was huge, bigger than anything he had ever seen or thought would be in the area. The friend who told me the story said the old man's eyes seemed to take on a different look when he spoke of this sighting, a look for wonder and a look as if he was saying something did not really believe but was the only way he knew to explain it.

5: Man reports seeing large creature walking along top of hill.

I received a report from a friend who told me a man who owned property near Taylorsville Lake in Anderson County had watched a large creature walk along the edge of his property which overlooked the lake below. The man stated this creature was huge and walked upright on two legs and was looking in the direction of the lake every now and then as it moved along the ridge of the land. He said the creature finally turned and went down the hill towards the lake and he never saw it again. The man was adamant of what he saw and wanted to remain anonymous as he did not want to deal with the ridicule of his friends and neighbors which are something that people feel in reports like this very often. I spoke to this man at the gate to his property and I believe what he said. His sighting was in the late 1990's.

6: Lynn Hutton and his son have amazing sighting in 1993 In Anderson County Kentucky.

Lynn Hutton has lived in Anderson County his en-tire life and is a very likeable man. He and his family have lived in the small community of String Town for many years, which is just a short distance to the south of Lawrenceburg. Like many in this rural part of Kentucky, Lynn has been a hunter for most of his life. It was on a scouting trip on the Bonds Mill Rd. in the fall of 1993 to check for a place to deer hunt that Lynn and his young son’s lives were changed forever. Lynn and his son were walking down a pathway alongside a dense cedar covered field. They were looking for signs of deer and a good place to setup for deer hunting. They were in an area approximately two miles from Panther Rock. As they were walking along suddenly a large, hairy, manlike creature stepped out of the dense cedars and walked directly in front of them. This creature was within 20 feet of both Lynn and his son. The creature as well as Lynn and his son both flinched when they saw each other. Lynn and his son were both frozen in place as their minds tried to understand what they were seeing. This creature was very tall, thick and heavy. It was covered with long matted hair. The creature had stopped and turned its head to look at Lynn and his son and then it did something extremely odd. It stopped and with its eyes locked on Lynn and his son it walked backwards into the cedars from where it came. Lynn and his son were not only startled, they were scared out of their wits. Lynn grabbed his son and headed back and out of where they were as quickly as he could. It was many years before Lynn or his son told their story. But over time Lynn told some friends and this was how the story came to me. Lynn and I had known each other for many years, we had attended school together and when I found his phone number and gave him a call it was good to speak with an old friend. As I spoke with Lynn about his story I could tell from his voice that he was telling me something he unequivocally believed. I could hear not only the sincerity, but the conviction and honesty of someone who had something happen to him that was damn hard to believe, and damn hard to talk about. I could also still hear the fear in Lynn’s voice, even after all the years, as he told of the moment this creature walked out in front of him and his son, and changed their lives forever. The one aspect of this story that I found extremely interesting was how the creature walked backwards with its head turned toward Lynn and his son and reentered the cedar covered land. This aspect of his sighting just made me think about the mind of this creature and what it was thinking at this moment. Its coherent mind and its humanlike response to walking into a situation that not only surprised it but made it realize it could be in danger. The creature did not attack, it did not show aggression, it did not freeze and stand still like it was petrified nor did it run away. It calmly backtracked its way exactly where it had come from, slowly and methodically retreating into the wilderness. The eyewitness states that the creature never lost eye contact with them until they fled. This one moment in this sighting event tells a great deal about this creature we call Bigfoot. From this sighting we find a non aggressive creature that apparently holds no ill will toward man and has no desire to hurt or interact with man. We have a creature that is intelligent enough to calmly retreat while watching the humans who have startled it, a creature smart enough to not panic and possibly get it killed or injured. We have a creature that shows many levels of understanding and thought along with a level of intellect that many would think impossible from a creature many consider a savage, unintelligent animal. We see a creature that actually acts like us, in many ways.

Sketch by Terry Thomas

7: Man and his children have sighting on Harry Wise Road in 2006.

I spoke with the man through email and his report is also listed online so I will respect his desire to remain anonymous and as his story is public, report it here. The man has had multiple visual sightings as well as hearing what he thinks were the sounds made by a Bigfoot. Here is his sightings in his own words: "Quote" it was a warm summer day of 2006 my kids and i were fishing in small pool from a creek off of harry wise rd. It stepped out of the tree line about 25ft away and at first It looked like a large man in brown Carhartt coveralls. The whole thing lasted less then a minute, it stood there and starred at us. I looked over at my daughter and she was pale white she saw it too, when i looked back it was gone it had stepped back into the trees just a stealthily as it stepped out of them. This is not the first time I've seen this creature , Once in the summer of 1990 but i dismissed it as me seeing things. Then i saw it again two years ago in a tree line, all of the sightings have been close to the set of three red dots. There have been numerous other times other family members have heard what i believe to be its strange howls. As well as a few sites where trees have been scratched up as high as 7 feet in the air like something was dulling its claws. There was a peak of strange activity in the late 80's where there seemed to be allot of activity however at that time there where people living off of Baileys run and after they left the sightings quit of course."End Quote"

8. Bigfoot In The Trees (Tami Mercer)

On Sunday December 5th of 2010 I interviewed Tami Mercer on the phone for 45 minutes from her residence in Kentucky, Tami at one time lived in Lawrenceburg Kentucky in Anderson County. In the interview I took details of three incidents in her life that had a long term impact on her and still does today. As of 2010 Tami still does not like to go to windows at night and she does not like to go outside at night in the dark alone or even with someone. As she told me and relived these events I could hear her fear and I could even tell she was shaking after all these years later. With Bigfoot the main character in two of the events and what might have been a Bigfoot in the third story with her step grandfather involved.
In the late 1970;s Tami Mercer and several of her friends were playing outside at a trailer park on the east side of Lawrenceburg Kentucky. They were just messing around playing as kids play. Tami glanced over to the east in a large field and near the tree line she thought she saw a strange looking tree. It was cold and in the winter time. Jokingly she said "that tree is coming for us" or something of that nature and they all laughed but as they looked something happened. The strange looking tree moved. It not only moved but it moved in their direction. This large hairy creature came across the field and at the children who started to panic and run. This creature fits the description of the creature Bigfoot. One unusual aspect of this sighting was the color. Tami stated it was a gray color and noticeably gray. Tami stated that several times before on foggy morning she would see something walking in the same area where the creature walked out of the woods. Tami ran inside and hid in her trailer as she was convinced whatever this thing was , it was coming for them. This sighting was on U.S. 62 on the eastern side of Lawrenceburg Kentucky and occurred in the afternoon and the sighting occurred in late November or early December of the late 1970's. A more detailed description was not possible other than large and hairy and a grayish color with long hair.

9. Chased By Bigfoot (Tami Mercer)

In the early 1980's, possible 82 or 83, Tami and a friend were out in the area of the Wildcat Road in Anderson County Kentucky. Young teen aged girls just wandering around and walking along on frozen creeks and talking and shooting a 22 caliber rifle they had with them. As they came up to an area where they had hillsides on both sides Tami and her friend started to cross a barbed wire fence and Tami went over the fence first and as she turned to help her friend she heard what she said was a "heavy" sound on the hillside. The hillside was typical of Kentucky hillsides with a mixture of Dirt and rock. As both girls looked up what their eyes saw froze them. Tami said it was like she was trying to think what she was seeing but what she was seeing was not something that made sense to her brain. In her mind she was thinking is that a man or is that a bear but she knew it was neither. Standing on the side of the hill was a huge bi-pedal creature with long hair. According to Tami the reason they looked up to the area where the creature was standing was because it was doing something and making noise. She was not able to tell what it was doing but was certain it was involved in some kind of activity and when Tami said " Oh Sh**!, What is that? " the creature turned and looked at them. When it did the girls ran as fast as they could. The creature then pursued them. The girls could hear the creature coming through the woods behind them and Tami stated that somehow it was gaining on them and it must have been very fast as they were fast and running as hard as they could and how this huge creature could not only run this far but start to catch them, she just doesn't understand. She could hear branches breaking and crunching sounds as it seemed to be gaining on two girls who were very fast runners. Tami said she never looked back she just ran as fast and hard as she could. As the terrified girls ran they came out of the woods and into a clearing (open field) and when they did the creature stopped and did not pursue them any further. Tami said the creature was dark in color and had long hair that was not matted but looked unusual. It was huge and bi-pedal. This sighting occurred in the winter and in the afternoon. Tami stated she thinks this event took place in 1982 or 83. It seems that whatever the creature was doing occupied it to a level that someone shooting a gun or talking and laughing had no impact.

10. Strange Creature in the Night (Tami Mercer)

In the mid 1980;s Tami was visiting with her step grandparents who lived near the Mercer and Anderson County Line. Things had had been happening at night that kept upsetting her grandfathers dogs. One night while she was visiting she heard something at the window and looked around and thought it was her grandfather outside messing around and trying to scare her. She walked over to the window where she heard the noise and through the curtains back expecting to see her grandfather. But it was not her grandfather she saw. What she saw was a huge hairy creature looking in the window and it had no nose nor mouth. She panicked and ran. From the information she later gathered her step Grandfather was outside and something happened to him that involved a light. When her Grandfather came back into the house he was mumbling and dazed. He was not able to remember anything that happened outside and he also apparently had memory loss for that time period as this happened very near Christmas and he could never even remember Christmas of that year and time. All she knows after that is when he grandfather went outside there was some kind of light and something happened to her grandfather and when he came back in he had no memory of what happened. Tami stated his entire life he never could remember what happened when he went outside but he knows something did happen. Tami stated the creature looking in the window as huge and did look like the other two Sasquatch she had seen but this creatures hair was somehow different even though it was covered with hair. Tami also said the face had no hair nor did it have a nose for certain, and maybe no mouth but she could see the eyes clearly. Tami often thinks about why she is someone who had these events on her life and she also told me that she thinks over and over what that creature was doing on that hillside and what would have happened if it had caught them. These events and sightings have caused a deep impact on her and causes her to reflect on these events often. All three of these events happened in the winter time in Ky and Tami thinks they were between November and January.

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